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Gabby Viola – KDKA Fan Nation

Gabby in preparation for the 2022 WKC World Championships in Ireland.  She is featured on this television show.

Gabby Viola is a third-generation karate black belt from Pittsburgh, part of a family legacy in martial arts. Despite being diagnosed with a severe bowel disease at seven, her resilience has been unwavering. She’s been under extensive care, including monthly infusions, to manage her condition. Gabby’s achievements include winning gold at the WKC National Championships, being a 5x State Champion, and earning the #1 rank in black belt sparring by the North American Sport Karate Association (NASKA) in 2020. She also received the “Competitor of the Year” award at the 2021 US Open in Orlando, Florida​ (Kumite Classic)​.

Gabby Viola’s journey in karate, despite her health challenges, is marked by determination and excellence. She’s been proactive in managing her condition, without letting it hinder her aspirations in martial arts. Her achievements, including national recognition and awards, exemplify her fighting spirit and dedication. Gabby’s story is not just about martial arts success but also about overcoming personal obstacles with courage and resilience​.

Gabby Viola achieved significant success at the World Kickboxing Championships in Ireland, winning titles in both 2022 and at the WKC Worlds in 2023.  She is currently a member of the National WAKO Team USA.

kdka fan nation

KDKA-TV Fan N’ATion is a show dedicated to celebrating die-hard Pittsburgh sports fans, exploring their unique sports culture, fan caves, collections, sports tattoos, tailgate fare, and more. It airs every Saturday, offering a deep dive into what makes Pittsburgh sports fans some of the most devoted around the world​.

KDKA-TV Fan N’ATion is a program that showcases the passion of Pittsburgh sports enthusiasts. It offers a weekly glimpse into the lives of fans, featuring segments on their personal fan caves, extensive sports memorabilia collections, unique sports tattoos, and their distinctive tailgate traditions. The show celebrates the fervent sports culture in Pittsburgh, recognizing fans for their unwavering support and dedication to their teams.


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