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For Immediate Release:  10/30/23               Bill Viola Jr. Call/Text (724) 640-2111

 The World Karate and Kickboxing Commission (WKC) hosted the 2023 World Championships October, 23rd -27th in Orlando, Florida.  The weeklong event hosted the world’s best in WKC Tatami-style martial arts competition.  North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania based Allegheny Shotokan “Viola” Karate Dojo sent  athletes to the championships.

Team USA is comprised of elite athletes from across the country who won the National Team trials in Detroit, Michigan this past June.WKC karate team usa

Medaling for Team USA representing Western Pennsylvania:  WKC World Champions 🥇🥈🥉

  • Gabby Viola: 🥇Classical Kata 🥇 Traditional Kata 🥇-45 Kg Sparring  🥉 Traditional Weapons
  • Cameron Klos:  🥇Classical Kata 🥇 Traditional Kata 🥉 -85 Kg Sparring 🥇 Traditional Team Forms
  • Xander Eddy🥇-55 Kg Continuous Sparring 🥈Team Sparring
  • Austin Hladek:  🥇Traditional Weapons 🥉 Kata
  • Lucy Lokay:  🥇 Point Sparring 
  • Sammy Pietrzyk:  🥈-60 Kg Continuous Sparring 🥉 Point Sparring
  • Dryce Davis:  🥈+55 Kg Point sparring 🥉Continuous Sparring
  • Becca Nowalk: 🥉-60 Kg Continuous Sparring 🥉
  • Noelle Kravetz:🥇-55 Kg Continuous Sparring 🥈Team Sparring
  • Daniel Barrett: -70 Kg Top 10
  • Alexa Daly:  Top 10
  • Kate Regina: +60 Kg Top 10
  • Remington Whatule: Top 10

The champions are members of “Team Kumite” and all-star travel team that trains at the Viola Karate Dojo.  The team will next compete locally at the annual “Christmas Kumite” hosted by Sensei Bill Viola.  It is the qualifier and first step to attend Detroit in 2024 and World in Portugal.  The squad has every intention of making the US Team again and representing American next year.

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Team Kumite - Professional Sport Karate Team

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